At the Writers’ Advice Centre, we offer two different types of course:

•    A correspondence home study course – Write for Children and Get Published
•    Writers’ workshops – Writing for Children

The workshops are completely separate from our home study course, however home study students would benefit from attending day courses should they get the opportunity.

Home study course – How to Write for Children and Get Published – £300

This is a highly individual and personalized tuition service based on Louise Jordan’s book How to Write for Children and Get Published. The course is run and tutored by Louise herself, ably assisted by senior editor, Alison Howard, and each student will receive a copy of Louise’s book, plus support material to help guide them through each module.

This is different to any other home study course on the market in that it is run by just two people working closely together – Louise and Alison. The ‘get published’ element of the course is particularly relevant given that Louise also runs her own children’s publishing company, Wacky Bee Books. Louise believes that the relationship between student and tutor is the most important thing and, as a result, the emphasis is on her personal feedback rather than fancy course material. For this reason the number of students that can be accepted at any one time is limited and places are given on application only.

The course consists of ten modules:
•    The Picture Book
•    Young Fiction
•    Writing Fiction for the Educational Market
•    General Fiction for 8 – 12 year-olds
•    Teenage Fiction
•    The Short Story
•    Non-Fiction
•    Poetry
•    Self-Publishing
•    Presentation and Approach

Each module consists of a set number of exercises that must be completed before a student can progress to the next module. There will also be a reading list provided for each module. By the time a student reaches Module 10, the aim is that they will have a piece, or pieces, of work that they could realistically submit to a publisher or agent.

The first module is provided as hard copy as part of the introductory pack. However the rest of the course is conducted by email correspondence. If this is not possible, the course can be conducted by post.


"I am finding this writing course very enjoyable and feel inspired by the assignments. I find your feedback particularly motivating and believe that signing up to this course has not only developed my writing confidence, but is one of the best things I did for my writing career." - K White

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the home study course. I have particularly appreciated the fact that the modules have been so varied, and have covered all the different age groups.  When I started the course I thought I would only enjoy writing stories for young children, but I was proved quite wrong!" - Jill Moseley


Main course consisting of ten modules - £300

How to book and pay

Once we’ve received your payment we will contact you with a course start date. Should your application be refused the payment will be refunded in full. If you would rather not pay through our website then please contact us and we can offer other options.

  •   Pay online: click on the 'Pay now' button below to pay online by credit or debit card.

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  •   Pay by phone: We no longer take payments over the phone. If you would rather not pay through this website or by cheque, please call us on 020 7801 6300 and we can go through other options.

  •   Pay by cheque: Please send a cheque made payable to The Writers’ Advice Centre to our offices at The Writers’ Advice Centre (for Children’s Books), Shakespeare House, 168 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TG.


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Writers’ workshops – Writing for Children

girl writing
We run regular workshop days throughout the year. These are led by Louise Jordan and take the form of group tutoring. They are structured around various subjects related to children’s publishing and occasionally guest speakers are invited. The day includes lunch and refreshments.

Our workshops take place at a variety of locations – sometimes at our own offices in Shakespeare House and sometimes at alternative locations in the surrounding south London area. All workshop locations are very easy to reach by public transport from central London.

Students have found that our workshop days are an invaluable source of information and also a great way of meeting up with other writers. There is no doubt that writing can be an isolated and frustrating occupation. We understand this and hope that our days offer support and encouragement as well as information.

If you would like us to let you know about workshop days please sign up to our newsletter - see below.


"I thought the workshop session was terrific and have now read your book as well. Both combined stacks of clear advice and hard-headed realism with inspiring enthusiasm. Many thanks for all the superb information." - N Speight

"Thank you for facilitating such an excellent workshop yesterday. I would strongly recommend it to anyone wishing to write for children. Experienced writers would definitely benefit from it as well. Pure gold!" - A Chisambo

Spring WORKSHOP Programme - 2019

Spring term 2019 we are running another one of our popular Friday workshop lunches. This workshop will be for a maximum of 12 people and because of the intimate size of the group, the session will be relaxed and flexible in approach.

Friday Workshop Lunch: Writing Illustrated Books for 3 to 12-year-olds

conference room

Date: Friday, 22nd February 2019
Time: 12 noon – 3pm
Cost: £80 per person, to include lunch and refreshments
Place: Holiday Inn Express, Riverside West, Smugglers Way, SW18 1EG
Tutor: Louise Jordan, Managing Editor of The Writers’ Advice Centre, Publisher at Wacky Bee Books and author of How To Write for Children and Get Published (Piatkus).

This workshop will explore writing illustrated books for the 3 – 12 market, including writing books specifically for Wacky Bee. Whether you’re writing a picture book for under fives, or longer fiction for a slightly older market, Louise will guide the group through the relevant steps including the writing process, targeting and presentation. Because of the small size of the group there will be plenty of time for individual discussion and questions.

How to book and pay

This course is now full. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email

About Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Wandsworth

Holiday Inn Express, Wandsworth, has long been a favourite location for our workshops. It is just down the road from the offices of both The Writers’ Advice Centre and Wacky Bee Books, and is just a stone’s thrown from the mainline station of Wandsworth Town. There is also ample parking close by. The Riverside Conference Room has recently been refurbished and is spacious and comfortable. For anyone coming from any distance it is possible to stay in one of Holiday Inn’s immaculate, clean rooms and we have negotiated a special guest rate.


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